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A fish that sneezes? It’s strange! It’s weird! It’s just not normal! And it’s the reason why no one wants to be friends with poor Sneezy the Fish. 

When a little fish comes along with some big plans to help, Sneezy’s very keen to give them a go.

But will they work? And will Sneezy finally find what he’s always been looking for? 

Perfect for ages 2+



“One day, a witch’s cat found a dusty old cookbook, and it gave him the most marvellous idea...”

The witch has gone out and inspired by the old cookbook, the cat is determined to knock up a super-scrumptious surprise lunch for her.

But unfortunately, his enthusiasm far exceeds his cooking abilities, and he carelessly overlooks some rather important information. But hey, what’s the worst that could happen?

Perfect for ages 2+



Meet Pirate Mouse. A rough, tough, treasure-loving pirate with a problem. She’s terrified of... WATER.

Having long since been abandoned by her shipmates for not being a ‘proper pirate’, Pirate Mouse finds herself all alone.

One day, fed up of being lonely, Pirate Mouse decides she needs an adventure. So, she sets off on a daring treasure hunt.

The treasure hunt takes her on a swashbuckling adventure across a giant pirate ship, where she must confront her fears to claim the prize.

But there’s a twist! When she FINALLY makes it to the pirate-booty, it isn’t what she was expecting at all. She was hoping for gold and jewels, but is she about to discover an even greater treasure?

Perfect for ages 2+

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